Federal Policy | April 15, 2024

Bridging Divides to Build Solutions at Up For Growth

Written by David Garcia

Reading time: 4 minutes

I am delighted to join the accomplished team at Up For Growth. My first weeks have been productive and illuminating, affirming our role within the pro-housing advocacy landscape. In numerous discussions on the Hill and with policymakers, it has become evident that our organization is uniquely positioned to move important pro-housing policies forward at the federal level. At the same time, we are well-prepared to offer targeted support to our members who are advocating for vital reforms in various states and localities. Thankfully, Up For Growth’s stellar reputation in pro-housing advocacy across Washington D.C. is a strong foundation for these efforts.

Despite the rancor about partisan gridlock in Congress, there remains a bipartisan appetite for addressing the housing affordability crisis. The Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act, recently included in the latest tax package, demonstrates this, although it is currently pending due to other issues. Additionally, the allocation of $100 million to the next phase of the CDBG-Pro Homes program highlights the critical funding being directed towards enabling local governments to eliminate housing production barriers—a direct result of our policy advocacy through the Housing Supply and Affordability Act. Progress continues with other legislative initiatives, such as the Yes In My Backyard Act and the Build More Housing Near Transit Act, both receiving substantial bipartisan support (make sure your members of congress are supporting both!)

As I develop further connections on Capitol Hill, I am excited to see the growing interest among legislators from both sides of the aisle to craft and introduce innovative housing policies. Our engagement with numerous pro-housing Congressional members is set to yield exciting legislative developments in the near future. Stay tuned!