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The Up for Growth Board of Directors are selected based on expertise to represent all sectors across housing and community development.

Meet Our Directors


Ali Gandarias-Solis

S3-Solis Advisory Services

Ali is the Chairwoman of the Up for Growth Board of Directors. She is based in Washington, DC and has over 25 years of experience in federal, state, and local housing policy.


Clyde Holland

Executive Chairman
Holland Partner Group

Clyde is the Chairman Emeritus of the Up for Growth Board of Directors. He is a recognized leader in urban planning and design, and has developed 50,000+ homes over the past 30 years.


David Williams

Vice President
Lafayette Square

David is a Vice President with Lafayette Square, a nationwide impact investment platform. There, he leads real estate, partnerships, and impact.


Jennifer LeSar

Chief Executive Officer
LeSar Development Consultants

Jennifer is Treasurer of the Up for Growth Board of Directors. She has over 30 years of experience in affordable housing, community development, housing finance, and public policy.


Jolie Milstein

Executive Director
New York State Association For Affordable Housing, Inc.

Jolie is the Vice Chair of the Up for Growth Board of Directors. Based in New York, Jolie is the Executive Director of NYSAFAH, which represents the affordable housing industry in New York State.


Sonja Trauss


Sonja is the President of YIMBY Law, a California-based nonprofit that ensures that opportunity-rich cities and low-density suburbs build their state required housing allocations.


Stephen Whyte

Managing Director and Founder
Vitus Group, LLC

Steve is the Secretary of the Up for Growth Board of Directors. He is a nationally recognized leader in the preservation and redevelopment of the nation’s existing affordable housing stock.


Tony Pickett

Chief Executive Officer
Grounded Solutions Network

Tony is the CEO of the Washington, DC-based Grounded Solutions Network, a national member network that works to advance affordable housing solutions that last for generations.

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