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About Up for Growth &
Up for Growth Action

Up for Growth is a national, cross-sector member network working to achieve a future where housing is always an opportunity, never an obstacle. Up for Growth Action advocates and lobbies for federal policies that support this future.

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Our Why

From cities to suburbs to rural America, housing cost increases have significantly outpaced salary increases.

For example, from 2006 – 2018, the share of middle-income renters who spent at or more than 30% of their income on rent increased by 37%. In the face of rising housing prices, individuals and families are forced to make impossible choices between fixed living costs and other necessities. Left with only bad options and an unclear path forward, the problem endures.

Our Work

We are committed to solving the housing shortage and affordability crisis by

  • Presenting a bold vision for change
  • Building and cultivating a diverse, cross-sector network of stakeholders to shape and advocate
    for nonpartisan policies at all levels of government
  • Delivering data-driven research and evidence-based analysis to advance the pro-housing narrative and create novel, replicable policy options
  • Leveraging Up for Growth Action to advocate for the elimination of federal systemic barriers to housing at the federal level


People & Culture

Up for Growth and Up for Growth Action are powered by an experienced and dedicated team of policy, communications, advocacy, and development professionals. Governing and Advisory Boards for the c3 and c4 guide our team’s efforts. And a robust member network of 300+ organizations fuels our success.

Diversity and Equity

  • We seek out and elevate diverse perspectives, lived experiences, and voices that are often left out.
  • We apply an equity lens to the housing supply problem.
  • We recognize and address historic and systemic racism in all areas of our work.

Integrity and Rigor

  • We approach our work with discipline, focus, transparency, and a critical eye to ensure excellence.
  • We advocate for policies that are data-driven and evidence-based.
  • We acknowledge our individual and collective responsibility to challenge our own biases and learned behaviors.

Collaboration and Service

  • We operate in service to our members and in the public interest to build better policy.
  • We build and foster a diverse, cross-sector network of stakeholders to shape and advance policies at all levels of government.
  • We bridge the gap between members, experts, and legislators, enabling all to contribute ideas and expertise.

Vision and Transformation

  • We channel our energy and focus to change the status quo and build an ideal future state.
  • We vet policies with data and our multi- sector network to craft tangible, bold, and equitable change.
  • We lead with a clear, collective vision and are action-oriented in our approach to the housing crisis.

Building on this foundation, we empower each team member to take ownership over their role by:

  • Collaboratively defining their position by its desired outcomes and measurable impacts
  • Providing freedom over the strategies and tactics they will use to achieve those outcomes
  • Rewarding innovation, framing failure as a learning opportunity
  • Investing in growth and development to support professional and personal advancement
  • Proactively asking for and responding to feedback as a leadership team