Thursday, November 30th, 2023 | 9:00 am

International Lessons for Nationwide Pro-Housing Legislation


9:00 am to 10:00 am
Free to all
The housing crisis is far less local than we think. Communities in Israel to South Korea are facing supply constraints and increasing unaffordability. Please join us for an exciting discussion with experts from around the world to uncover universal lessons on how to mobilize communities to shape pro-housing solutions.

Jennifer LeSar

Jennifer LeSar is the founding CEO of LeSar Development Consultants, the Global Policy Leadership Academy, LeSar Support Services, and LeSar Holdings, four firms working together to grow thriving, healthy and vibrant communities. She is a Fellow at The Billions Institute and teaches about the California housing crisis as a lecturer at Stanford University.

Tal Alster

Dr. Tal Alster is an urban planner specializing in housing and planning policy. He holds a PhD in Political Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem focusing on urban inequality and urban regeneration policy. He works as a consultant for Israel’s national planning administration, focusing on mapping and removing barriers to high-quality urbanism and co-writing the urbanism and housing chapters of Israel’s strategic spatial policy.

John Myers

John Myers is the Director of YIMBY Alliance, a non-partisan campaign in Britain for more and better housing with community support. The campaign has successfully built coalitions for various reforms to address UK housing problems. He invented and co-wrote the Housing Theory of Everything, published by the online magazine Works in Progress. He has written and spoken extensively in many countries on innovative approaches to planning around the world. In 2021 he published a report on smarter zoning for the American Planning Association’s Zoning Practice periodical. 

Helmi Hisserich

Helmi Hisserich is a director at the Global Policy Leadership Academy, an immersive training and education firm focused on bringing best practices in housing solutions from around the world to U.S. civic and policy leaders. She has worked with various civic, community, and elected leaders throughout her career to advance affordable housing and economic development policies and programs in the City of Los Angeles. During her 25-year career with the City of Los Angeles, Helmi served as Deputy Mayor of Housing and was a senior manager at the Los Angeles Redevelopment Agency and the Los Angeles Housing Department.


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