| May 16, 2022

Up for Growth Action Praises Administration’s Housing Supply Action Plan

Written by Up for Growth Action

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Washington, DC – Up for Growth Action, a federal advocacy organization that advocates for policies to achieve housing equity, eliminate systemic barriers, and create more homes, today released the following statement from CEO Mike Kingsella, who praised the Biden Administration’s Housing Supply Action Plan, a multi-faceted proposal designed to address the nation’s urgent housing affordability and supply crisis:

“The President’s Housing Supply Action Plan addresses the nation’s housing crisis with a comprehensive set of programs that align closely with our top policy priorities. These proposals include common-sense approaches for removing barriers to affordable housing, addressing historic injustices such as red-lining, and encouraging housing development near transit facilities and corridors.

“In particular, the plan includes key elements of the Unlocking Possibilities Program, based on the Housing Supply And Affordability Act, a bill that has earned bipartisan support in Congress and is backed by organizations nationwide working to restore access, equity, and sustainability in their communities’ approach to housing.

“The Action Plan also includes the proposed Housing Supply Fund that creates grant programs to help state and local housing agencies produce streamlined financing tools for affordable, modest-density multifamily and single detached housing. The program would provide $10 billion to support states and local jurisdictions that adopt housing-forward policies and practices to remove barriers to affordable housing development.

“These and other Action Plan initiatives would incentivize zoning reform, strengthen housing financing, encourage effective land use, and spur development of affordable housing in neighborhoods convenient to jobs, education, health care and transportation.

“We look forward to working with President Biden, HUD Secretary Fudge and Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle to advance this important plan to bring relief to millions of families from across the country who are struggling to find affordable homes.”

Artificial barriers, exclusionary zoning, and opposition from residents continue to create a severe underproduction of homes—a significant driver of the affordability crisis. Up for Growth research found that from 2000 to 2015, the United States fell millions of homes short of meeting housing needs, and this underproduction continues to grow.

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Up for Growth Action® is a 501(c)(4) federal legislative advocacy organization that advocates for policies to achieve housing equity, eliminate systemic barriers, and create more homes. Up for Growth Action is affiliated with Up for Growth®, a 501(c)(3) cross-sector member network committed to solving the housing shortage and affordability crisis through data-driven research and evidence-based policy.