| November 20, 2018

Up for Growth Action, Oregon Smart Growth Announce Strategic Partnership

Written by Mike Kingsella

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PORTLAND, OR – Up for Growth Action (UFGA) and Oregon Smart Growth (OSG) have entered into a strategic partnership, giving UFGA a foothold in its third state and OSG access to national research and smart growth public policy.

The partnership ensures UFGA has an active role in Oregon Smart Growth’s Board and Policy Committee and OSG will become a member of UFGA’s national organization. UFGA will also partner with OSG on direct advocacy in Oregon, including support for OSG’s legislative agenda, eliminating the need to create a UFGA state project in Oregon. UFGA has existing state-based projects in California and Washington.

“Up for Growth Action is excited to partner with Oregon Smart Growth and its well-established and dedicated team,” said Mike Kingsella, Executive Director of Up for Growth Action and current board member of Oregon Smart Growth. “The goals of our organizations – livable, walkable, and sustainable communities – are aligned, and together we can change the way Oregon approaches housing and help pave the way to not only build the more than 150,000 units of housing the state needs to catch up to past underproduction, but accommodate future growth.”

“This strategic partnership is a logical extension of the collaboration that began with the Housing Underproduction in Oregon report,” said Gwenn Baldwin, Executive Director of Oregon Smart Growth. “Up for Growth Action brings national research and analysis, as well as policy ideas vetted in other states, that OSG can draw on to do its work in Oregon.”

In October, Up for Growth released its “Housing Underproduction in Oregon” report. The report found that from 2000 – 2015, Oregon fell 155,000 housing units short of meeting demand. Such a shortage had serious economic, environmental, and quality of life impacts on Oregonians. The report also showed that by taking a new, smart growth approach that enables more dense, urban infill development, Oregon can make up the housing shortage while using only 18% of the land required by current patterns; reducing vehicle miles traveled by 34%; boosting the state’s economy by nearly $2 billion over 20 years; and increasing state tax receipts by $6.8 billion, also over 20 years. OSG Executive Director Gwenn Baldwin moderated the panel discussion of housing, policy, and economic experts following the report presentation by UFGA Executive Director Mike Kingsella.

Up for Growth Action is a Washington, DC-based organization that seeks to improve the quality of life for working families and create communities that are accessible and affordable for all by promoting policies that enable more housing close to jobs, efficient transportation, and desirable local amenities. Up for Growth Action engages in advocacy both at the federal level, at the state level in California and Washington, and in other states through strategic partnerships.

Oregon Smart Growth is an Oregon-based organization that serves as a vital voice for developers, investors, and allied professions to guide state and local policy towards the development of livable, walkable communities that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.  Oregon Smart Growth related to removing regulatory barriers to dense commercial and housing production, supporting transportation investment to promote smart growth development, and promoting funding options for affordable housing.

You can download a copy of this press release by clicking here.


Mike Kingsella, Executive Director
Up for Growth Action
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Gwenn Baldwin, Executive Director
Oregon Smart Growth
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